If you would like to chat about renting any part of the space, please send us an email at julie@yogastar.ca and let us know what you have in mind! 

The studio is a great place to host parties, events, private workshops and more! 

We have 3 studios: 

Studio A is 900 square feet and has two large south facing windows. 
Studio B is 450 square feet and has one large south facing windows. 
Studio C is 240 square feet, it is intimate, quiet, and has no windows.

All of our lights are on dimmers, and each studio is equiped with speakers, fans, and heaters as needed. We have a men's and women's change room (the women's change room has a shower and filtered water tap for drinking) 

Our common space has bench seating, shoe storage, a table, a sink, a coffee maker and a small fridge!