Youth Yoga 8-Week Session beginning in January 2019

yoga tweens.jpg

8-week session on Wednesdays
JANuary 9 - February 27
from 4:30 - 5:30 PM

Pre-registration required for all 8 weeks:

$144 + tax

*please register your children in the class with their own pass

The Youth Yoga class at Yoga Star helps pre- and early teens feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. It offers an opportunity to stay active among a friendly, supportive community. This lively class guides kids through a variety of postures that focus on breath, movement and alignment. They can expect to gain strength and flexibility and, of course, there are opportunities to have fun and express oneself too. Participants learn how to improve body awareness and confidence, and gain a more positive outlook on life.
This class is a great after school activity that helps young people find more focus, peace of mind and self-assuredness. It is an ideal complement to a student’s busy academic schedule, allowing them to engage with their peers in a healthy environment and face challenges with a more positive outlook. Our motto at Yoga Star is SHINE BRIGHT, and that's the spirit we bring to our Yoga Youth program. Contact us today to participate.


Eryl McCaffrey, RYT200 + RMS100


Eryl is certified in both yoga and meditation instruction and builds her classes on a foundation of mindfulness. She's an active mental health advocate - leading mental health workshops and talks in schools for K-12. Eryl openly shares her experience with anxiety and depression to encourage others to shares theirs and seek support.

As a former TV News Reporter, Eryl has experience working in a stressful environment and knows how important mindfulness can be in find relief and managing your mind. She's also certified in Mental Health, First Aid by the Mental Health Commission of Canada for supporting those in mental health crises. When she's not teaching or working in schools, Eryl spends time writing, hiking and singing. 

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