Self Love Sound Bath



Self Love Sound Bath with Michaela Bekenn
Friday, October 18th


A gathering of self-love guided by sacred sound. Let us come together in a safe and supportive space to dive into the healing vibrations of breath, silence, and sound. The first half hour consists of restorative poses to lead you into deep surrender. Following is a sound bath offering. Michaela uses a range of instruments such as crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drum, rattle, guitar, and vocal toning to restore and regulate the nervous systems, cleanse the mind, and invoke qualities of peace and light within and around you. Sound, rhythm, and frequency are used as tools for releasing stress and emotional imbalance, while returning to a state of oneness.

Simply arrive as you are. All bodies and abilities welcome. No prior experience with restorative yoga or sound healing is necessary. Wear what makes you feel most comfortable and free. Bring a curious mind and an open heart. Optional to bring an offering for the alter, (something special to you, for example: crystal, mala, image) to help in charging up the space.

"Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing."
--- Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Price - $30 pp

Your instructor: MICHAELA BEKENN

Michaela Bekenn is a multidisciplinary artist, passionate for an intermodal approach to holistic wellness. As a singer-songwriter, dancer, writer, and storyteller, she believes in the healing power of intuitive expression. She has been a facilitator of yoga and meditation in the University of Toronto community and is a song-circle leader with elders and children. After completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training with the Sivananda Centre the horizon continues to expand. Michaela incorporates her ongoing training in Reiki (energy healing), Sound Therapy, and the performing arts in her journey as a yoga practitioner. She is committed to nurturing a safe practice and inclusive space for participants of all ages and stages to arrive and thrive.



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