“Jack is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner. His personality is calming and reassuring. I appreciate his approach to getting results at my own pace, and his athletic background gives him added perspective INto achieving higher levels of performance.”

- M.R., Toronto


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Physiotherapy at Yoga Star

Feel your best!

Whether you are looking for rehabilitation, prevention or performance conditioning, Physiotherapy can be a highly valuable addition to your wellness program. Yoga Star offers integrated, exercise-based Physiotherapy to address your specific situation and goals.

Physical assessment

Your initial visit will look at focus areas, weak links and individual needs. Your history, previous injuries and general health will be reviewed. The Physiotherapist can take a look at the root cause of an injury or chronic pain condition. A personal program will be prescribed that addresses injuries and goals.

Treatment program

You will receive an integrated treatment program. A combination of manual therapy, acupuncture, body weight exercise and stretching will be utilized to help you achieve your goals. Benefit from one-on-one therapy, plus helpful tips you can put into practice at home. Initially, you will be able to work around any existing injuries with the support of your Physiotherapist. As you progress, this program can be updated to enable you to achieve new levels of performance.

Potential benefits of Physiotherapy

  • ability to work around existing injuries

  • relief from aches and pains

  • improved range of motion

  • injury prevention

  • progressive exercise for toning, strength and fitness

To get more information or book an appointment, contact:

Jack Tang, MScPT, B.Sc.Kin. 

Physiotherapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Jack is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through education and therapy. His experience includes working with seniors, adults and athletes, in both hospital and clinic environments – assessing orthopedic injuries and providing one on one care. His approach to treatment primarily involves manual therapy, exercise prescription, education and acupuncture, as appropriate.

Jack lives a very active and healthy lifestyle. He has 6 years of combined experience in sports as an athlete and coach on both national and varsity levels. Favourite activities of Jack’s include water polo, cycling, running and rock climbing.


Initial assessment (60 minutes)  |  $125

Follow-up treatments (30 minutes)  |  $80

3 session package (3x30 minutes)  |  $225

Physiotherapy treatments may be covered by your employee health insurance plan. Your health insurance plan may also cover other wellness services available at Yoga Star. Consult your company's insurance provider for more details. *Please note that we are unable to process claims related to MVA/WSIB at this time.