Yoga Star’s mission is to provide a healing space for individuals to connect through movement and breath guided by diverse instructors who honour each persons individual energy.

Yoga Star’s intention is to build a community to support, honour and love one another. To help people connect to themselves and each other to enhance their mind, body, spirit and the world we live in.

Yoga Star Wellness Studio is located in the west end neighbourhood of Roncesvalles in Toronto. The studio welcomes those who are new to Yoga or people who are experienced with the practice. Our scheduled classes offer a variety of Yoga classes to suit diverse abilities. Our alternative and supportive health care practioners offer a variety of wellness treatments to help you towards living your best life.

Yoga Star’s team of Yoga instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and meditation leaders are here to support and guide you to achieve optimal health and well-being.

We are building a yoga, health and wellness community - come by and get to know us!


Jason Gee


Jason’s fascination with movement and health started at the age of six when he began studying Eastern martial arts. The art teaches respect, loyalty, and kindness; teachings which created a solid foundation for Jason’s path in life. The practice also teaches willpower and the ability to use the mind to have control over the body. 

While attending the University of Toronto for his physical health and education program (BPHE), Jason joined a body movement class which would bring that teaching into question. This particular class emphasized the importance of finding balance between the body and mind, and challenged the "mind over matter" teachings of martial arts.  This class opened up a new understanding, exploration, appreciation and respect for the harmonious relationship between the mind, body and spirit.

For 25 years, Jason has pioneered one of the first in-home personal training companies in Toronto, a business that still supports individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals through nutrition, individualized exercise programs, a balanced lifestyle and healthy choices. With his education and experience, Jason has become a leading expert in the field of health and fitness. He has contributed to many news articles by providing useful and approachable concepts to living a healthy life.

No matter his experience, Jason continues to remain, as always, a student. He has spent over four decades attending various international health and fitness clinics, workshops, yoga retreats and healing focused health services to continue to explore movement, well-being and self care.

Yoga Star allows Jason to share his life long experiences, knowledge and passion. He is able to offer classes and services which encourage thoughtful movement, mindfulness, and the importance of community. Yoga Star welcomes you to a warm, healing, inviting space where you can nurture your own connection to mind, body and spirit.

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Caitlin Ryan


As a 200hr RYT and Master Reiki practitioner, Caitlin has spent a lot of time focusing on her studies on meditation and inward observation. She has a true belief that through this mindfulness we can begin to learn more about ourselves and the patterning that can lead us astray from our true path. When we connect and tune into our breath - and the internal dialogue - we begin to shift our thought patterns and bring more positivity into our lives. In class, Caitlin's goal is to help guide you on a personal journey that allows you to unstick the stuck, and move with more freedom. At the Studio, she brings her sales and leadership experience from working in the active experiential travel industry for the past 10 years. She is looking forward to helping create a space for you to experience a deep connection with yourself and those around you!


Julie Chicoine


Julie is the Brand Development Consultant, a fellow yogi and a native Torontonian who has spent over the past year living in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

Julie discovered yoga years ago after going to a friend's class and fell in love with it. She found that the practice brought a deeper sense of self-awareness and a gratitude for all life has to offer. She enjoys being a part of that same discovery for others by sharing her passion with our yoga community.