Ashtanga Primary Series



Ashtanga Primary Series with Kate Rowlands
Sunday, October 27th


Enjoy learning all about this classical style of yoga that synchronizes breath and movement. Ashtanga is an energetic practice that links poses in a series of fluid movements.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice the full Ashtanga Primary Series, including:

• all postures and transitions

• opening and closing prayers (call and response)

• the bandhas (internal body locks)

• Ujjayi breath

• drishti (focusing the gaze)

• chanting of mantras



Benefits of Ashtanga yoga include:

• increase strength

• improve mental focus

• become more flexible

• build your confidence

• reduce stress

• get a great workout


Learn more about the challenging, energizing practice of Ashtanga yoga with Kate.

Price - $30 pp
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Your instructor: KATE ROWLANDS

Kate teaches a wide range of levels from restorative, yin, chair yoga, and vinyasa flow, all the way to power flow and aerial yoga! Coming from an Ashtanga background, she loves a good sweat in her practice and teaching - but a passion of hers is sharing the accessibility of yoga, and has enjoyed exploring the gentler side of the spectrum.

In Kate's classes, everyday will be different, as she creates her classes around who is in the room. She makes sure beginners feel safe and confident, and regulars feel challenged and involved.

Aside from Yoga, Kate loves biking, her dog Joni, her snakes Levi and Kenobi, punk rock concerts and anything related to cactuses and avocados!




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