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The Yoga Star app is the best way to register for workshops and classes, view schedules, and sign in. When you create a profile through the Yoga Star app, your account will update across all platforms! No need to ever worry about forgetting password.

The app is very easy to use: 

  1. Download the app 
  2. Create a log-in 
  3. enter in your payment info
  4. Choose a class or product 
  5. An email receipt will be sent to you for any purchase you might make 
  6. Come to the studio! 

App features: 

  • Always have your ID card on you
  • Automatic sign in (with location services turned on) 
  • Buy Services, track your account balance, purchases, and store your payment info 
  • Book drop in, preregistered, family, and private classes, workshops and health appointments
  • Keep track of your classes, appointments, and waitlist positions
  • Set reminders, and get notifications about any changes occurring with your bookings