Why we are here...... 

When do people feel stagnated, unfulfilled, and groggy?  Why do parents with babies often feel isolated in Toronto winters? Why are so many children diagnosed with behavioural conditions?   Why don't adults spend more time remembering to flail and flow, sometimes with control and sometimes without?   How do we drop stigmas around counselling and therapeutic activities? And why do we compartmentalize different populations of our community? 

We decided to create a truly well-rounded and multidisciplinary yoga, health, and wellness centre with a community of instructors from many backgrounds, specialties and passions, committed to being part of something exciting where children, youth, seniors, parents, cyclists, health practitioners, fitness enthusiasts, meditators, and anyone who wants to come spend time in an inclusive, non-pretentious, bright space can do just that.

When you look at the stars, there is a natural reaction to stop in awe, to take a deep breath and remember that we are part of something bigger. At Yoga Star we want to provide a space and practice that invites you to allow yourself to breathe, pause, and connect to the awe. Our goal is to provide a variety of safe practices and space to encourage people to participate in the tradition of yoga, whether for relaxation, restoration, revitalization, flexibility, or strength. 


Jason has over 20 years experience in fitness, health, and wellness applying eastern philosophies and western science to his various practices. He knows what it means to create a rich quality of life through properly supporting and growing your mind and body.

As he progresses, he is developing a deep appreciation for balance and harmony that he hopes to share with others - that was the initial spark that started Yoga Star.  

Julie is the Studio Manager, a fellow yogi and a native Torontonian who has spent over the past year living in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood.

Julie discovered yoga years ago after going to a friend's class and fell in love with it. She found that the practice brought a deeper sense of self-awareness and a gratitude for all life has to offer. She enjoys being a part of that same discovery for others by sharing her passion with our yoga community.

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